At FXGTrade, it is our mission to provide you with a professional trading environment.

We believe we succeeded in this by ensuring you will not only have a wealth of educational materials at your disposal but also can trade securely on a platform which provides stability, security and accuracy.

Why should you make use of FXGtrade’s MT4 trading platform?

  • A unique user experience
    The Mt4 trading platform has been built in such a way that it suits both new and experienced traders meaning it will a comfortable trading environment at any given time.
  • Multilingual
    No matter which language you speak, the MT4 platform contains so many languages that trading at ease is guaranteed.
  • Charting
    With its unique and advanced charting possibilities, you can simultaneously trade and analyze the markets. By doing so, your trading activity won’t be affected.
  • Advisors
    The advisor is a very popular feature which will allow you to automate your trading.
  • Low system requirements
    No matter whether you trade on our web version or download the MT4 platform, it will hardly affect your computers performance as it uses a very limited capacity of your computer’s internal strength. This guarantees that the platform will remain stable under any condition.
  • Security
    Our MT4 platform is one of the safest of its kind. It encrypts the data between you and the server by a 128-bti key. Furthermore your IP address will also remain completely concealed.
  • Instruments
    By making use of our platform you can trade practically everything. No matter whether you wish to trade currencies, commodities, futures, equities or cryptocurrencies, we have them all.
  • Customization
    We know every trader has its own way of trading. Our platform anticipates on this by ensuring you can customize everything according to your own preferences.
  • Developer
    Our platform allows you to develop your own advisors as well as technical indicators by making use of MT4’s advanced proprietary MQL programming language.

If you are up to experiencing all the features and simply are looking for the best, then download our platform and start trading right now!